SSD Data Recovery

Doctor Folder Data Recovery offers a complete data recovery service for Solid State Drives and operating systems for all makes and models of laptops and notebooks.


Many people believe that because SSDs don't have mechanical parts and this makes them %100 reliable. Actually, this is not completely true

The Solid-state drives are not provide %100 perfect protection for data loss. File corruption, bad sectors, electronic component damage, natural disasters and various other scenarios can result in permanent access issues.

We recover data from solid state drives by the following manufacturers: 


  • Intel

  • Micron

  • Samsung

  • SanDisk

  • Toshiba

  • OCZ

  • Crucial

  • Transcend

Solid State Drive data recovery Witney Oxfordshire SSD

If you are experiencing data loss with your solid state hard drive, contact us for the solutions 


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