Raid Data Recovery Services

Doctor Folder Data Recovery provides advanced Raid Data Recovery services from Witney Oxfordshire to all around UK. We are specialized in all  Raid configurations.


 If you are experiencing a problem on your Raid system, please call us before you attempt any actions to repair the RAID, specifically, suggestions made by the manufacturer to remedy the situation. Each attempt, if not successful, will increase the risk of loss of valuable data.

Raid Cases We Can Handle

  •   Damaged RAID Configurations

  •   RAID Controller Failure

  •   Failed System Upgrade

  •   Corrupt Partition Table

  •   Server Not Booting

  •   Inaccessible Drive(s)

  •   Clicking Drive(s)

  •   Damaged Striping

  •   Formatted Drive(s)

  •   Multiple Hard Drive Crashes

  •   Fire Damage

  •   Water Damage

Professional Raid data recovery services in Witney Oxfordshire

Raid Failure

  • If you are unsure of the damage, do not try to reboot as this may cause further damage to the array.

  • If a drive is making unusual mechanical sounds, shut it down immediately.

  • Log the failure and events/observations that preceded system failure.

  • Before removing drives from an array, label the drives position in the array making note of any drives that have fallen offline. (Drives will be numbered starting with 0 Example: If you have a 5 drive array they will be numbered 0-4)

  • Do not run repair or defrag utilities on suspected bad drives.

  • Do not swap or re-arrange the order of the drives 

  • Do not replace the failed drive with a new drive

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