Hard disk drive data recovery services in Oxfordshire UK

Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery 

Doctor Folder Data Recovery can recover data from desktop hard drives, laptop hard drives,digital storage devices, Apple Mac laptops or desktops, as well as micro-drives found in compact notebooks and cameras.


Your hard drive can be SATA hard drive, IDE hard drive or SSD hard drive, we are able to recover data from  all of them.


You laptop or desktop computer can crash due to hard drive problems, don’t panic we can recover your data

Desktop Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

We are qualified to offer desktop hard drive data recovery services for your data loss.


Desktop hard drives can have problems such as; power surges, static electricity, lightning strikes, viruses, equipment malfunctions, accidents, & user error, firmware issues, reading/writing heads problems.


We are able to fix all this problems with our special data recovery tools and over 10 year experience on data recovery field.

Laptop Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

We can recover data from laptop hard drives. Laptop hard drives are more fragile than desktop hard drives and they can be damaged easier if you move around your laptop while it is on


The worst thing that can happen to most laptop users, aside from the loss of the whole laptop, is hard drive failure. The hard drive holds all of your data, files, and all your e-mails and contacts if you use Outlook, Eudora, or any other non-portal based e-mails. 

Most Common Issues on Hard Disk Drives

  • Hard Drive not detected

  • Firmware problems

  • Hard drive's not seen on bios

  • Inaccessible folders and files

  • Deleted Files 

  • Formatted hard drives

  • Dead hard drives

  • Buzz noises

  • Firmware issues

  • Mac Computers may also display a “Flashing Question Mark” or hang on “Spinning Beach Ball”.

  • Clicking or grinding

  • Hard Drive is running unusually slow

  • Computer will not boot

  • Computer will frequently reboot itself

  • Files Disappearing

  • S.M.A.R.T. Failure 

  • Computer is operating extremely slow

  • Error Message “Operating System Not Found”

  • Error Messages such as: “Windows Could not start because…”

  • Error Message “Drive is not Formatted”

  • Error Message “Primary Drive or Device Not Found”

If you experience any of these issues, we encourage you to back up all of your files as soon as possible if you can.


If your hard drive is making any unusual noises, the best thing to do to avoid any further damage is to shut down the computer immediately.

If your data is imprtant to you, feel free to request a free online quote or


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